4 habits to build a Successful Business

Most businesses are not built from big ideas. Big ideas are good, but it’s more important to look at all of the smaller steps that bring you to the bigger goal.

The practice of daily habits is also crucial. Every day, you get up and do one thing that brings you closer to your goal.

1. Reach out to existing customers – because it’s much easier to sell to existing customers than to new ones.

2. Bring traffic or prospects in – because partnerships and soft-sell promotion can bring in more customers than costly advertising.

3. Create new products or services – because once you have an audience, you need something to offer them. (It also helps if you have more than one thing.)

4. Find a way to expand your reach – because ultimately you’ll want to reach a bigger tribe with your message and business.

More than big ideas, breaking down each of these strategies into specific steps grows and nurtures a healthy business over time. The step-by-step business system is also much easier than the caffeine-fueled startup. Startups tend to fly high and die; a lifestyle business flies at lower altitude, but flies safer and longer.